SME Instrument

European Commission program for Small-Medium Enterprise developing innovative products for the market:

  • No requirements on the number of participants (even single company).
  • Grants for market-oriented innovation, NOT research.
  • Technology must be in the prototyping and testing phase. It is recommended the presence of a patent filed or granted.
  • Target: being on the market in less than 2 years.
  • There are 4 deadlines per year to submit the proposal.
  • Projects in 2 Phases: technical and business feasibility analysis (Phase1); product industrialisation and commercialisation preparation (Phase 2).
  • Grants: 50.000€ for Phase 1; from 0.5 to 2.5 M€ (70% direct costs + 25% indirect costs) for Phase 2.

Equity Crowdfunding

Contact us to evaluate opportunities to develop your business by yielding shares to private equity investors:

  • Equity crowdfunding platforms allow to fund the growth of startups or innovative companies by attracting investments from a large community of potential investors.
  • To this purpose an online campaign is launched on the crowdfunding platform, with the aim to sell a certain amount of equity, that is, a target value of company shares offered to potential buyers.
  • To launch a campaign, the first step is to submit an application to the selected platform, including basic information and selected documents (typically a pitch and business plan).
  • On approval from the platform team and its advisors, suitable communication material has to be prepared, to be validated by the platform team.
  • Often commitment from initial investors is required before the campaign can be opened to the public. These investors must subscribe a certain % of the funding target, typically around 20%.
  • Campaigns are scheduled by the platform and last between 30 and 60 days, depending on the platform.
  • On conclusion, a campaign is successful if the target is reached. In case of success the collected funds are paid to the company, otherwise they are paid back to the investors.
  • Equity crowdfunding platforms request a fee on successful campaigns, typically between 5% and 7%.